Make Your Own Easter Chick

You Will Need:

Cardboard tube

A feather (or make your own out of paper)


Colouring crayons or paint

Stick on eyes

Scissors (Get an adult to help you with scissors if needed)


Step one: Colour your cardboard tube in yellow. We have used the inner tube of a toilet roll but you can use paper/card if you don’t have one.

Step two: On your paper draw two diamonds one slightly bigger than the other, these will be the wings and beak. Next, draw a rectangle with a rounded top, this will be the tummy of the chick. Carefully cut all the shapes out, colour the wings in yellow and the beak in orange.

Step three: Grab your glue, it is time to start bringing your chick to life! Stick the wings to the back of the tube and stick on the tummy. Take your orange diamond shape and fold it in half to create the beak.

Step four: Glue on the beak, eyes, and feather. Your chick is ready! Why not make some more chicks in different shapes and sizes? We would love to see your new easter friends!