Easter Bunny Ears

You will need:



Pink crayon

Scissors (Get an adult to help you with the scissors if needed)


Step one: Carefully cut two strips off the longer side of your paper.

Step two: Glue two ends of the paper together to make one long strip. Wrap the paper around your head and mark where the two bits of paper join. Once you are happy with the size, glue the paper together to create a headband.

Step three: On another sheet of paper draw two bunny ears and cut them out.

Step four: On the same sheet of paper draw two smaller bunny ears, colour them in pink and cut them out.

Step five: Glue the pink ears to the middle of the white bunny ears.

Step six: Glue the ears to the inside of your headband. You are almost ready to hop like the Easter bunny! Decorate your headband, we’d love to see your spring designs!