X Factor Protest – A New Opportunity

Now that this year’s campaign for an alternative Christmas Number 1 is all but over – since Wagner has left the X Factor.

Perhaps it’s an opportunity to do something really alternative.

Last year’s Rage Against the Machine campaign was something of a surprise success for the organisers, let alone Simon Cowell and the poor boy who thought he was onto a winner.

The more astute (and possibly cynical) bystander has subsequently noticed that both Joe McElderry and Rage… are signed to Sony so, ultimately “The Man” won either way.

So maybe this year we can mobilise an army of online campaigners behind an emerging artist with genuine talent?

Much in the spirit of these talent competitions but without the cynicism of a major corporation, we could harness this power to transform the life of a musician or band that really deserves it…

There are literally thousands out there…                      

I’ve started a shortlist below:

Add yours (by comment) by the end of this weekend (Sunday 5 December) and we’ll work up a campaign and see where it gets us!

We recommend:




agree with these or add your own…