Scared Silly

Labelled “Not Suitable For Exorcists” Will Seaward’s “Ghost Stories” has just finished its second successful run at Edinburgh Fringe. We sat down for a speedy chat with the word wizard:

Could you tell us a bit about “Will Seaward’s Ghost Stories”, you wrote all the stories yourself?

I did indeed! I’m a storytelling comedian (I’ve done fairytales as well), and this show takes the traditional ghost story style and sort of supercharges it until it becomes ludicrous comedy. There are three stories – one in a haunted graveyard, one where some campers get eaten by a swamp-thing, and one with an Egyptian mummy and a cursed amulet. It’s all about the atmosphere – the very first time I did the show at the Edinburgh Festival the audience spontaneously started going ‘Ooooooh!’, which is very much what I’m going for. This is actually the second incarnation of the show – it’s becoming a bit of an Edinburgh Fringe institution (I do it at midnight, and it’s a fun spooky way of rounding off a day).

ghostHave you ever had a ghostly encounter?

Possibly! I think a ghost might once have thrown a piece of rock at my head… Or it might have been my little brother. I’ve also been in some very spooky places – a few years ago some friends and I went to film in an abandoned Polish palace. In the woods we found the graves of the family who’d lived there – and the graves were open! Aaargh!!

What’s more exhilarating for you, a good laugh or a good scare?

They’re surprisingly similar! I think they hit a lot of the same buttons…

Why do you think people like being spooked so much?

Probably for the same reason… It’s exhilarating and exciting – you get a huge adrenaline rush from both. And it’s fun being around scaryness that you know can’t actually harm you- like being inside when it’s raining very hard!

Let us in on your favourite joke?

Impossible! There are just too many!

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Catch Will’s spectre-tacular at Arlington Arts on Thursday 22nd October at 8pm. Tickets are £11 and available from box office on 01635 244 246 between 10am – 4pm Monday-Friday, or you can order online here.