5 Things We Didn’t Know About The Kinks

To celebrate our upcoming date with The Kast Off Kinks (all former members of The Kinks: Mick Avory, Ian Gibbons, John Dalton, Dave Clarke), on Friday 29th January, we’ve been delving into the surprising history of one of England’s most influential bands…

1.Legend has it drummer Mick Avory (founder of The Kast Off Kinks) auditioned for The Kinks dressed up as a Boy Scout. Mick disputes the claim, insisting he went as a Girl Guide.

Mick in full regalia at one of Ray’s gigs.

2. Nobody seems to know who came up with the name. Ray Davies apparently picked it to the utter horror of his bandmates, who objected to being called “kinky” – at least in broad daylight. Ray, in interviews, lays the blame at Larry Pages’s feet claiming “I never liked the name”. Other sources say the whole band was inspired by an episode of The Avengers. Presumably a one off special with questionable themes.

3.Want to replicate that fuzzy guitar rift? Health, safety and a live music venue’s preciousness towards equipment prevents us from fully recommending the method: but Dave Davies was known to kick, puncture and slash his amp’s speaker cone to achieve the perfect effect.

4.Mick Avory played with The Rolling Stones in their early days. Having never envisaged doing music full time, he didn’t made it to any of their gigs. He has no regrets though, as two years later he joined The Kinks!

5.The band was banned from travelling to the US in 1965 in the midst of their battle with The Beatles for Top Ten spots, and there was never an official reason why. Speculators have suggested everything from the Davies Brothers’ fiery reputations, to corrupt American promoters. Whatever the cause, the four year ban is known as one of the great What If’s of musical history.

The Kast Off Kinks will be at Arlington Arts Centre on Friday 29th January, 8pm. You can book& find out more here, or by calling 01635 244 246.