Resonantia Exhibition

Mon 1 Feb – Sat 2 April | 10am – 4.30pm | Mon – Fri| Free Admission


Our first exhibition of the year features two local artists Edy Gosselin and Rachel Hardy Moody.

Edy Gosselin
“My paintings have over the years evolved from the highly literal to intuitive mark making and colourfield formality. The shift in my approach reflects the kaleidoscope of a life rich in experience and focus. The current atmospheric ‘scapes’ are distilled and deconstructed allowing the viewer to feel secure in the structure but rested in the lyrical language.”

Rachel Hardy Moody
“My interest in the subconscious and imprinted memory also play a huge part in my work. I admire the work of Anselm Kiefer who draws out the very soul from place and landscape. Our past with deep hidden memories, ruins of our own and other’s lives. Like Kiefer’s work, memories that are with us are never far from the surgace, a surface beauty under which darker truths lie.”