New Event: Big Beat Little Feet

Here at Arlington we want to come up with new and exciting opportunities for all of our visitors. With our wealth of music events we realised that there was something missing, an event which all the family could enjoy. So we have teamed up with award winning musician and songwriter David Gibb to help us in curating and hosting these new concerts.

Big Beat Little Feet aims to create a unique live music experience for the whole family, with different bands coming for each event there will always be something different for everyone to enjoy. We want to create an opportunity for children to enjoy live music and see some of their favourite bands perform. In brining in bands who are already known and loved by children online, we hope to show young children how exciting and different seeing a live performance is. These fun days out also give opportunities for families to come together and spend quality time listening to music and enjoying a live show.

On the 26th February at 3:30pm we are joined by Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers to kick start the series.

The band cover a range of contemporary issues from soy milk to David Attenborough, tea and biscuits and the passing of dinosaurs. All of their songs feature on their latest album Dinosaurs Ate my Caravan. The eccentric antics of the band make them highly entertaining for children and their songs become stuck in your head. Even the parents will be singing them at the end of the day!

Give something new a try and see what we have to offer at what promises to be a new and exciting opportunity here at Arlington.


Come along and bring all the family down too! Tickets are £6.50 and they are available at online or you can call us on 01635 244246.

If you have any questions drop us an email at