Babajack have been creating and performing their own unique blend of styles for 8 years, after a friend brought Becky and Trevor together over 10 years ago. With Becky and Trevor at the core of band, they have had the opportunity to branch out and work with an expanse of different musicians. They currently perform with Tosh Murase on drums and Adam Bertenshaw on Bass as a band.

Throughout their time in the music industry they have picked up an eclectic mix of influences and inspiration. Their music has influences from Blues, Folk and Roots music. All of these different genres have been melded to create Babajack’s individual sound.

Throughout their time as a band, Babajack have released The Maker (2008), Exercising Demons (2010), The Rooster (2012), Running Man (2013) and finally their latest project Babajack Live in 2015. With their album Running Man having brought them critical acclaim, it was dubbed one of the finest albums of its genre to be released in recent years. As well as winning slots in the Top Ten Albums of 2013 for Classic Rock, Classic Rock Blues and Guitar & Bass magazines. The band even featured on a BBC Radio 2 broadcast, where they performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2014. The band are constantly picking up awards and Becky Tate has been made an honorary member of the UK Blues Federation, as an ambassador and to support the growth of the blues genre in all its forms.

Interestingly, front man Trevor Steger was influenced by another of the bands visiting us here at Arlington. In his musical pursuits to diversify his instrument collection, Trevor picked up the harmonica after seeing Nine Below Zero perform. Both Becky and Trevor have diversified what instruments they can play and learned how to play a multitude of percussion and guitar varieties.

The band have more recently appeared at The Royal Albert Hall and Shepherds Bush Empire, which goes to prove how their fan base is continually growing. With their mix of genres, they are big hits at festivals and have travelled around the country spreading their sound.

After the success of their last studio album Running Man which had a rough road to travel, the band have been touring and continuing to do what they love. With the band currently writing new music for their next album and taking a bit of a back seat from touring, their upcoming gigs this year are even more special. With their energy and passion for music, they easily pick up new followers as they offer a night of entertainment no matter your preference in music.


You can see Babajack at Arlington on the 2nd March at 8pm, tickets are £14.

You can purchase tickets online at or you can call our Box Office on 01635 244246.