What’s on April

Danny Bryant is back on the 6th, because we didn’t get enough of him last time. After making a name for himself through determination and by travelling around the country playing to his fans. Danny has now made a name for himself with his classic blues style.

The Boy and The Mermaid is our first theatre show of this month on the 10th April. Paper Balloon Theatre Company are bringing their production which combines song and puppetry through the medium of storytelling. With the children’s show boasting to entertain the adults as well, why not bring the family down for a show.

Our second theatre show is Christopher Nibble on the 20th which is brought to us by Topsy Turvy Theatre Company. The musical production which combines puppetry and stunning musical accompaniments, tells the tale of the guinea pig Christopher Nibble from Dandeville. Aimed at children aged 2-7, this is the perfect opportunity to get the little ones out the house and enjoy a show.


Paul Lamb and the King Snakes are performing on Saturday the 22nd. Paul Lamb has found his place in the history books as one of the foremost blues harmonica players. Lamb and his band have also been included in British Blues Awards Hall of Fame, due to their continuing success 16 albums later.

Natures Corner: Sensitivities, chronic inflammation and Autoimmunity. Mark Bennett is bringing his lecture on how food and environmental choices can impact your long term health. In partnership with Natures Corner, Mark presents the subject of food and environmental sensitivity testing.

Feel The Beat dance company are bringing their show Focus which will showcase some of the local dance talent in Newbury. With two time slots to see the show, the whole family can make it. They will be performing at 2:30pm and 6:30 pm.

Our new series of concerts Big Beat Little Feet is back this time with Kid Carpet’s Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show. Kid Carpet creates and performs catchy, electro-pop music for children. The adults wont escape either with the songs sticking in their heads, Doing a Poo in the Forest is a particular favourite. The second instalment of the series promises to be just as unmissable as the first.


Ticket prices are available on our website, for career or access tickets get in touch with our Box Office. As always you can book tickets online at www.arlingtonarts.co.uk, or you can book by calling 01635 244246.