Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

After their incredible performance last year at our 10th Birthday Party, Rev Peyton and his band are back again because we just couldn’t get enough of them last time.

Off the back of their March 2017 album release, Front Porch Sessions, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band return to show off some of their new material as well as the thumping tracks that we at Arlington all loved last year. Taking inspiration from the blues artists he grew up listening to such as Charlie Patton, Blind Willie Johnson and Furry Lewis – whose When My Baby Left Me’ gets a reading on the new album, Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band have new material to get people moving more than ever before.

With Front Porch Sessions, the Reverend “wanted it to feel like you’re on my front porch” which is an inclusive feeling that the band like to bring to their live shows unlike the countless artists who think they are better than their audiences. That inclusivity give the band a rare universal appeal having received positive reviews worldwide from American Blues Scene in the US to The Independent in the UK. For an idea of exactly what it feels like to be a part of the Front Porch Sessions, the band have released videos of them performing songs on Peyton’s own front porch like the one below.

In preparation for their return to Arlington on the 24th August we caught up with Reverend Peyton to ask a few questions about the new album and what to expect from their upcoming UK tour:

Q. How is Front Porch sessions different from your previous material?

A. Well it’s not a major departure or anything, but it’s the most stripped down record since Peyton on Patton, but I’ve just gotten a lot better since then at making records. This record is by far our most beautiful record, and I think our fans of us will be all about it. However, if you are just getting into our music, I think this is still a good place to start. I’m really proud of my picking on this one.

Q. What tracks from Front Porch Sessions are you most looking forward to performing on your UK tour?

A. I’m not sure, I’m gonna play a bunch of them! My favorite song on the record is We Deserve a Happy Ending.

Q. On the bands website, you said “I wanted it to feel like you’re on my front porch” for this album, why is that important to you?

A. It was just my goal for this one. It was where my mind was at when I was making this one. I had been playing a ton on my porch, and making videos of it for our YouTube.

Q. In the “We Deserve a Happy Ending” video, you set your best friend on fire! Is that the sort of thing you and your friends usually get up to? And perhaps, more importantly, is he okay?

A. He’s totally ok! Well if you look back at our other videos, you can see we make some cool videos, and all of the people in them are just our friends volunteering to help us do something cool. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, You’ll see I am all about adventure. We don’t sit in front of the TV, we grab life by the horns and ride hard. Same with our shows.

Q. You smashed the 10th anniversary show here last year but other than the new material, is there anything different you’re doing on this tour that you think will surprise audiences?

A. Well they wouldn’t be surprises if I told you!

Q. What’s next for you after this tour?

A. Giant West Coast USA tour, Some great USA festivals, maybe a tour of Australia, and then…. hopefully another record! 

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band are here on the 24th August at 8pm. Tickets are £16 each plus a 75p booking charge and are available online at … or you can call our Box Office on 01635 244246. For access of carer tickets please call our box office.

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