Imaginative Role-Play Workshop 5-7 Years

Dive headfirst into Henry Moon’s world of imagination and accompany Rhubarb Theatre as we sail the seven seas, face pirates and storms, join the circus and wrestle with tigers, you may even have time to save the world on a space adventure.

Anything could happen, and it probably will!

This workshop will take place before Rhubarb Theatre’s production of Henry Moon and the Greasy Spoon on Thursday 16 April 11:30am. It costs only £10 to enter your child into the workshop (includes a ticket).

Here’s more about Henry Moon and the Greasy Spoon:

Everyone knows Flo’s café. It hasn’t changed in years. It’s no tea at the Ritz, in fact it’s a little bit shabby, but the kettle’s always boiling, and Flo is ready with a welcoming smile. Only problem is, where are the customers?! All visiting those fancy new coffee bistros, no doubt. 

All seems doomed for Flo until one cold windy day a strange old chap called Henry Moon blows through the doors of the café. Wearing a coat of many pockets, some rose tinted glasses and bursting with imaginative stories, this strange little man could be the answer to Flo’s problems.

Join storytelling specialists, Rhubarb Theatre, for a huge spoonful of fun, a mug-full of fantasy and a platter of creativity. Henry Moon and the Greasy Spoon is perfect for families that enjoy theatrical play, puppetry, mask, dance, song and lots of laughter.

Rhubarb Theatre present a brand-new show – bursting with imagination, dance, music and a large portion of Rhubarb magic!

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