The Alter Eagles

The Alter Eagles are delighted to return to the Arlington Arts Centre with a very special tribute to one of the greatest country rock bands of all time. Joined by their friends The Spectre String Quartet, the band will play the entire Hotel California album from start to finish in the first half. Then in the second, they’ll perform a combination of ballads like New York Minute and Take it to the Limit, together with greatest hits like Take it Easy, Lyin’ Eyes, Witchy Woman and One of these Nights.

Since they started in 2004, the six piece have built a reputation as one of the most faithful tributes around, so along with the string arrangements, you can still expect plenty of rocking twin lead guitar breaks and sumptuous four part country harmonies.

 So what makes a great tribute? It’s more than simple mimicry, according to singer/guitarist Jay Stezaker. “It’s not as if we dress up like the Eagles or anything like that – we’re more interested in the music.” “It’s been a real education,” says guitarist and singer Steve McCormack. “One of the Eagles’ great strengths is that they make everything sound so simple, but when you come to pick it apart, you realise how much is going on and what great songs they really are.” “Playing with the string quartet allows us to reproduce the original arrangements even more faithfully,” says Alan Tomkins, one of the band’s founder members. “The girls are great players and really enhance the show with their performances.” 

The band members are Steve McCormack (vocals, guitars) Jay Stezaker (vocals, guitars) Alan Tomkins (keyboards, guitars, vocals) Rob Beattie (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals) Mike Bradley (guitars, vocals) and Ollie Green (drums and percussion). Find out more by visiting the band’s website at


“One of the best tribute bands I can remember seeing.”WINDSOR OBSERVER

“Pitch-perfect harmonies” – BRIGHTON EVENING ARGUS

Saturday 26 September | 8pm | £17

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