Amanda Bates

I have long been intrigued and inspired by those curious spaces that are neither one thing nor another: boundaries, the places in-between, edgelands. Unpredictable, quirky, resilient and often half-forgotten: this sharp-pointed, starkly monochrome style, with illusionist detail and a nod to the past, seems an appropriate way to draw attention to them.

Crowhurst (the tree with the door), Indian ink on kaolin-coated board, 12 x 16 An ancient yew tree in a Surrey churchyard. The tree is older than the church (estimates range from 1,500 to 4,000 years old); the door was installed “after 1820”.
Roadside”, Indian ink and hybrid acrylic on kaolin-coated board, 12 x 16″. An oak tree on the A339 (Kingsclere bypass). I estimate the tree to be around 300 years old; the sign is significantly newer.


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