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When we closed on 17th March, we never thought the closure would last for five months and still leaves us
Isabel paints in watercolours, prints and draws in a style full of colour. She takes part yearly in the West
Susan continues to show works in a wide variety of media and subject matter and has experimented further with collage.
Local potter fascinated by the alchemy of clay and glazesThese decorative vases/pots are stoneware ceramics with various finishes to add
I make vessels with figurative surfaces. Employing both plan and chance, I aim for a looseness of form and enjoy
Sharon's work in a variety of media, is inspired by the nature at Rookery Farm Studio - each day bringing
Wendy Lloyd is a printmaker and mixed media artist based in Newbury. Her recent work explores the relationship between people
This bowl is made by fusing together 2 x layers of 3mm compatible glass and the stripes were created by
From the figure to the landscape I work with something indefinable, mainly using acrylics, watercolour and mixed media. I like to
Being an artist is about expressing what moves me. I love the natural world and a lot of my work