Magenta: 20th Anniversary Show ‘Angels and Damned’

May 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Arlington Arts
Arlington Arts Centre
Mary Hare
Newbury RG14 3BQ
01635 244246

Sonicbond Promotions Present:

Magenta -special 20th anniversary show.

‘Angels and Damned’

Award winning progressive rock band Magenta will celebrate 20 years as a band with this unique, not to be missed performance at Arlington Arts, Newbury on May 19th. The band will perform a two hour show, featuring a selection from their back catalogue, including a special extended selection from their 2006 album “Home”. Along with an expanded live band including orchestral players, the show will feature projections , a specially-designed light show and some visual surprises.

Vocalist Christina Booth explains the reasons for the show:
“We wanted to do something different to celebrate this very special anniversary of Magenta. We’ve always excelled as a live band and have won many awards over the years, but I sometimes feel that people have a pre- conceived idea of what Magenta are. So we wanted to try something that we haven’t done before. Our music is very cinematic and theatrical, and we wanted to show off that aspect of the band in this concert.”

Multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed reflects on 20 years of Magenta:
“It’s strange to think that Magenta have being going for 20 years – we still think of ourselves as the new guys – but it’s great to see so many bands now playing progressive rock. I remember when we started, ‘PROG’ was a swear word and bands were distancing themselves from the genre. With “Revolutions”, our first album, Christina and I had just come off 10 years of trying to make it in the ‘pop’ world, so as a kick back, I wanted to make the most progressive album I could – a double concept album, complete with 20 minute songs, Mellotrons and bass pedals. It seemed to work and 20 years on we’re still doing that thanks to our loyal fans.”