Nerina Pallot

November 20, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Arlington Arts
Arlington Arts Centre
Mary Hare
Newbury RG14 3BQ
01635 244246

Nerina PallotNerina Pallot

Having written songs for Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers, Nerina Pallot has built a name as one of the best songwriters in the UK.

Her sixth album, ‘Stay Lucky’ was written and produced by Pallot and recorded over two weekends at London’s RAK studios. The speed belies the lovely, unhurried expansiveness of an album that is, truly and deeply, her most personal, most warmly emotional album yet.

The Sound And The Fury is an album as tempestuous as its title suggests. It’s a bold, bluesy, Biblical storm, in turns restless, aggressive and defiant. Its atmosphere crackles with electronics, death and despair hang in the air and stacked strings stalk and soar. These are songs in which space is as vital as sound, in which textures matter as much as melodies, in which the lyrics creep up and soak in through your skin. From the crackling, menacing electro-blues of opener This Is A Drum to spectral, reflective, electro-classical closer The Longest Memory, The Sound And The Fury is as beguiling beautiful as it is disturbingly dark.