November 2023

Drawing of a bear wearing hearing aids. Text: The Pied Piper Theatre Company and Deafinitely Theatre present a retelling of a story by Raymond Antrobus and Polly Dunbar. Can Bears Ski? Thursday 23 November. 1:30pm. £3.

Dad Bear stops and looks directly at me. “Your friend was saying hello. Why did you ignore him?”“I didnʼt.” I didnʼt. Then Dad Bear asks again, CAN BEARS SKI? is that really what heʼs asking me?

Little Bear can’t hear Dad Bear calling, but feels the floor vibrate with heavy footsteps… Little Bear can’t catch the funny joke at school when friends are laughing, but feels the crunch of snow on frozen pavements.

Join Little Bear and Dad Bear as they learn how there are many ways to communicate love, and to find your place in the world. 

Can Bears Ski? is based on the book by poet Raymond Antrobus, Ted Hughes award-winner, who draws on his own experience as a deaf child in a hearing world. With a set inspired by Polly Dunbarʼs stunning illustrations, puppetry and music, Pied Piper Theatre Company and Deafinitely Theatre are delighted to bring this beautiful story to the stage.


Photo of lead singer of Bootleg Blondie standing in a yellow top, tights and knee-high boots holding a telephone, in front of a guitar and a cardboard cutout of a red telephone box. Text: Bootleg Blondie. Saturday 25 November. £20. 01635 244246.


Row F may have a restricted view. To find out more please see our seating plan page.

BOOTLEG BLONDIE is the official Debbie Harry & Blondie tribute band, the only Blondie tribute to play the legendary CBGB’s in New York City before it’s demise in 2006 and to have the honour to be mentioned on Blondie’s 11th album ‘Pollinator’.

Lead vocalist Debbie Harris appeared on two shows for BBC1 when she was picked out of 15,000 applicants to represent Debbie Harry on ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ hosted by Paddy McGuinness. The show drew in nearly 4 million viewers on the pilot episode alone.               

‘Good luck with your show!’ DEBBIE HARRY


Long shot of Moscow Drug Club in a dark room. Left-to-right: Male in blue suit, male in red jacket and shirt in blue trousers. Male in black suit. Woman in Red suit and trousers. Male with grey hair in black suit and orange shirt. Male in blue suit.

Row F may have a restricted view. To find out more please see our seating plan page.I

Moscow Drug Club is a curious musical place where certain elements of 1930’s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango & Gypsy Campfire meet, have a few to drink and stagger arm in arm into the darkness of some eastern European cobbled street on a mission to find the bar where Django Reinhardt & Tom Waits are having an after hours jam with the local Tziganes.

Combining their original material with songs by the likes of Jaques Brel, Leornard Cohen, Tom Waits & Eartha Kitt. Moscow Drug Club provide an intoxicating & intimate musical experience. You are cordially invited to share a wry smile with us as you enter the darkly comic world of Moscow Drug Club…..this way please & mind the stairs!


We are on the site of Mary Hare School, please stick to the public areas (the auditorium, foyer, grass and smoking area to the left hand side of the venue entrance as you look at it).

Doors to the venue open an hour before the performance starts, with the bar starting service at the same time. Doors to the auditorium usually open half an hour before a performance.

Tickets can be purchased from the box office (which is directly opposite the entrance doors) during opening hours (10am-4.30pm weekdays), as well as just before and during the show.Our box office and bar accept both card and cash payments.

Please note that there is no cash machine on site. FOR CARER AND ACCESS SEATS, please call 01635 244 246 – or email