Show Change

Unfortunately, the talented folk over at Gonzo Moose Theatre did not receive the Arts Council funding they were hoping for to tour their brand new show ‘Death Who’s Come To Dinner’. However, they are instead going to tour last year’s show of ‘Is That A Bolt In Your Neck?’.

Wednesday 08 November
£14 Full Price
£12 Concessions

Cartoon like image of a mad scientist character. Text: Gonzo Moose Presents Is That A Bolt In Your Neck? A Comedy Horror Directed by Abigail Anderson. Supported by Arts Council England. Quotes: Outstanding 4 stars - Chortle. Wild Crazy and Devishly funny 4 starts Oxford Times. Ridiculous and genuinely inspired 4 stars Whats On Stage.
Dark image of a castle. Text: A castle looms dark and foreboding over a small mountain village. Inside, Dr Chekhov, the brilliant and reclusive scientist, works in secret.

The villagers live in dread. Strange shadows can be seen at the windows, and every night blood curdling cries of pain can be heard. What is Dr Chekhov doing? What hideous experiments is he perpetrating? What unimaginable horror might emerge from his laboratory?

All will be revealed in this wonderfully inventive and gripping comedy horror featuring three fearless actors, playing over 20 roles in 75 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action

With comedy and thrills galore you’ll gasp, laugh and be amazed at the horrific experiments, the mind-boggling love, and the sensational death-defying finale.

Inspired by gothic horror movie classics of the 1930’S, IS THAT BOLT IN YOUR NECK? is a fast-paced, rollicking ride mixing spooky paranoia, surreal nightmare and frantic farce. Suitable for audiences from ages 8 to 80, the show is packed full of hilarious slapstick, verbal wit, and magical illusion.