Visual Arts

Structures of Faith

With paintings and photographs, the exhibition Structures of Faith by Paul Forsey, with sculptures by Jim Crockatt, records a personal journey to investigate a plethora of human endeavour that strive to give meaning to the human condition.

“There has been a lot to test our faith since this exhibition was first planned, much of it still unexplained and hard to understand, but we each continue on our journey, indelibly marked by our experiences and beliefs. Looking at structures, both physical and spiritual, that possess the mystical power of enlightenment shared with human interaction, from Neolithic formations to tin mines to Runic symbols to Churches, there is an overwhelming sense that they have seen it all before . . .”

Structures of Faith is open to the public from 16 September, every Monday to Friday 10am-4:30pm. Please contact us if you wish to view the exhibition outside of these times.