Visual Arts

Next exhibition: The Great Escape

Opens Monday 29 July. Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm.

This exhibition marks my retirement of teaching photography at Mary Hare School for 28 years.  

I embarked on my photographic journey at a time when the processes that enabled an image to be realised, were firmly within the analogue tradition. I enjoyed the mechanical and tactile aspect of creating photographs, particularly those that required me to enter a dark-room. Whilst I reluctantly made the transition to digital photography, I have now fully embraced the techniques associated with this method, the results of which are laid out before you in this exhibition.

In this mixed-media display, you will see a range of work that engages with different photographic genres. In addition to pure Landscape, you will be able to experience  Abstract and Portraiture photographs.  Some of the images reflect a very personal standpoint whilst others emerge from experimentations with the medium, both in camera and in post-production through the application of photoshop.

It is my intention to share some of my photographic experiences whilst at the school and this includes my work from several school trips that were undertaken – New York (2), Barcelona (2) and Hong Kong (3). Whilst the focus of these trips was to develop the pupils understanding of photography in different social and cultural contexts, they also enabled me to challenge my own established photographic ontology and on occasion, to embrace less traditional compositional forms.

I will leave the final say to you and would appreciate any comments you may have – to be left in the book below.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition.

All the images that are marked for sale can be purchased in either Landscape or portraiture sizes of 29.7cm x 21cm – 42cm x 29.7cm – 59.5cm x 42cm, unless otherwise stated.

Thank You.

John A Boyd